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Despite the availability of quality pre-built or machine built wheels these days, some times there is no replacement for a high quality hand built wheel. A wheel built for you by someone you can talk to face to face that comes with a real guarantee. That is what we offer through our Custom Wheel Program. We can discuss your individual needs and/or desires for your new wheel or wheel set, whether it be strength, weight, or stiffness and design a wheel that will exceed your expectations. We will present you with all of your options for the wheel's components, give you several options for the build, and work with your budget to build the wheels you want.


A properly laced and tensioned wheel should need little truing through the years. We offer free truing for the first year of your new wheels and a lifetime guarantee that you will not break spokes. If you break a spoke, we'll replace it at no charge. We're talking about design and build failure here, not a wheel that has been impacted in anyway, had a derailleur shifted into the spokes, or used in any manner not consistent with it's design; like taking that super lightweight road racing wheel set out to the Potawatomi Trail.