Introducing OCLV2. Trek took their winningest hand-made OCLV carbon and improved it. They made it lighter, stiffer, faster, stronger and more comfortable. In a word: better. Here are some of the highlights:
The Madone Stepjoint.
The Madone Net Molding.
The Madone Resin Right.
Stepjoint technology is a Trek-exclusive way to bond two carbon structures together perfectly, with no overlap, no excess carbon, and consistent tube wall thickness throughout. That means stronger joints, more consistent ride quality, and a better finish.
Net Molding uses defense/aerospace-grade Hex MC material available only in the US, and only to approved vendors. This Trek proprietary process forms the bottom bracket bearing surface as part of the carbon frame, eliminating heavy bearing cups too.  Trek's Resin Right molding process accurately controls the distribution of resin throughout the carbon fiber material to ensure a consistent structure, eliminating resin pockets or voids. Resin Right keeps the material consistent and gives you the confidence that your frame is flawless, inside and out.
Trek's load-path tube shaping.
 Trek's Bontrager Race XXX Lite Carbon fork.  Trek's Ride-Tuned carbon seatmast.
Tube shapes affect comfort, ride quality, frame weight, and aerodynamics. By examining force loads on every inch of a frame, Trek reduces excess material for weight savings and adds it where it's needed for even better handling.

The 6 Series Bontrager Race XXX Lite Carbon fork is shaped from round to oval to achieve road-smoothing frontal compliance, boost lateral cornering stiffness, and to reduce weight. That means a lighter, stronger, better-handling, AND more comfortable ride. Already known for being super light and extremely comfortable, Trek's carbon seatmast has been reshaped and ride-tuned for improved compliance and reduced weight. Now it’s lighter and more comfortable than ever.