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Congratulations! You've bought a new bike. Here is our advice on how to keep it performing like new for years to come and avoid costly repairs down the road.

Much like your car needs a regular oil change, so to does you bike require regular maintenance to keep it riding its best. This can be as simple as looking your bike over before and after every ride. Below you will find links to Maintenance Schedules for your bike. Just select the type of bike you have and open the schedule.

We know everyone rides differently. That's why the schedule intervals can be read in Months, Miles, or Hours depending on your own riding style and frequency. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Performance Road Bike Maintenance Schedule

Cyclocross Bike Maintenance Schedule

Triathlon Bike Maintenance Schedule

Hardtail Mtn Bike Maintenance Schedule

Full Suspension Mtn Bike Maintenance Schedule

City Bike Maintenance Schedule