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Community Involvement

Wheels in Motion is committed to promoting cycling and awareness all around Ann Arbor. We have been busy helping keep the cycling community vibrant. Here's a sample of what we've been up to this year:


The Worst Day of the Year Ride has become an Ann Arbor winter tradition. We sponsor this free event on the third weekend of January every year and it brings local area cyclists out of hibernation for one day to reconnect and ride together. check here for more information.




The Ann Arbor Bicycle Touring Society (AABTS) presents this 30+ year old event every July and we are out in force for a day of scenic bicycle touring over tree-lined, paved roads in Washtenaw, Ingham, Jackson and Livingston counties.

Once again, our crew gathers to offer rider SAG support on bicycle in addition to the great motorized support crew the AABTS always has on staff for this event.
Most of the routes travel through rural and recreation areas on beautiful rolling terrain, and vary enough to appeal to a broad range of bicyclists. We also man a service booth along the route, so be sure to stop be and say "Hi!"

Go to the AABTS website for all the details.



Programs to Educate All Cyclists' purpose is to enhance the lives of individuals with disabilities by using cycling for transportation, integrated recreation, fitness, and therapy.

PEAC helps individuals with cognitive, physical, and emotional disabilities reach their cycling goals by providing:

  • Basic skills programs
  • Family rides
  • Participation in cycling club rides
  • Bicycle commuter training
  • Mechanical skills
  • Spinning classes

In addition, PEAC strives to integrate cyclists with disabilities into the mainstream cycling community by giving them the skills necessary to participate in tours, races, and bicycle club rides.

Wheels in Motion staff has been involved in educating and training participants with riding skills and has committed extensive technical support towards the bicycles they ride.



We are proud to be working with Ann Arbor's GetDowntown program to promote commuting in and around Ann Arbor.



In November, 2005, Pete Thomas walked away from the finale of NBC's The Biggest Loser 2 a winner - and a loser. The prize he won was $100,000 for losing the highest percentage of weight among those contestants who had been voted off the show. What he had lost was 185 pounds in nine months ... and with it an unhealthy lifestyle that Pete, armed with knowledge about nutrition and exercise, has truly put behind him.

When we met Pete he had just finished with NBC and was beginning his new life. When he left the shop that day we had him set up with new bike and on his way to his new life. Since then we've continued to work with Pete as he changes the life of others through his "Lose It Fast, Lose It Forever" program.

Find out more abut what Pete is up to here and check out this great letter he sent us recently.