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September 1, 2008

Wheels in Motion
DeWight Plotner
3400 Washtenaw Avenue
Ann Arbor, MI 48104

Dear Dewight,

I wanted to send over a personal note to thank you for the services you have provided my "Lose It Fast, Lose it Forever" students over the past few months. Since the first class in January, we've seen hundreds of pounds lost by participants from every walk of life.

For Instance, one couple- Carmen and Steve- lost over 94 pounds this summer. Carmen feels better than she has felt in years and Steve is back to his high school weight, thanks to the principles in the class and lots of help from teammates like you.

And then there is Frank, who is 59 years old with bad knees. He lost an incredible 44 pounds in only 8 weeks and he did it by following my instructions and riding his recumbent and road bikes at high intensity for 1.5 hours every morning! More importantly , we and many others are keeping the weight off! I could go on but there are too many success stories to tell.

So thank you for your involvement with these students who are working so hard to take back their lives. Your help has truly made an impact.

Thanks again for your involvement- your teamwork is making the "forever" part of "Lose It Fast, Lose It Forever" possible.

Pete Thomas