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Being a cyclist is about more

than just the bike. It's about 

creating perfect synergy between

rider and machine. There, at the

intersection between rider and

machine, is Wheels In Motion

Precision Fit. Get the most out of

your ride. Schedule a personalized

interview and evaluation with a

Percision Fit specialist.

  • Discover your ideal position
  • Eliminate pain and discomfort
  • Increase your power
  • Ride longer 


Our Fitting process starts wtih a Interview

We determine riding history, goals, 

medical history, and experience. This is a

very important part of our fitting process. It

helps determine the direction of the

fitting and gives our Precision Fit

Professionals insight.    

Our next step is to evaluate your

physical biodynamics. We look at your

mucle elasticity, flexibility, and skeletal

structure as they relate to your position

on the bike. 

Motion Capture uses high-visibility

markers and HD Video to accurately

measure the body's dynamics while on

the bike. This method is much more

precise than traditional analog bike